Over 80% Of Ghanaian Youth Are Under ‘Attack’!

The Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC) of Ghana has given details of the recent flood in people suffering problems identifying with substance abuse (chronic drug use), especially among the youth.

The concern comes after a 2020 survey led by NACOC across four regions in Ghana uncovered that 86.4 percent of people in recovery (therapy clinics) were within the ages of 15 and 44 years. The regions are the Greater Accra, Central, Ashanti and Bono areas.

As per the survey, which saw what pulled in the young in generally ghetto communities to take to drugs and how they would benefit from outside intervention, those inside the age bracket of 30-34 years beat the list of individuals in the rehabilitation clinics with 26.5 percent, followed by those within 25-29 years, who comprise 17.4 percent and those within 20-24 years, with 16.9 percent.

The survey further said, those within the age scope of 30-34 years were in the larger part, representing 26.5 percent of customers. People in the age scope of 25-29 and 20-24 also represented 17.4 and 16.9 percent of customers separately.

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It could, hence, be found that larger part of these individuals (83.5 percent) fall within the active labor force, the ages of 20-44 years, assuming you take those in the 16-19 years section who make up 2.9 percent.

The survey was done to comprehend drug use across Africa. All things considered, it revealed that larger part of the examined in the treatment places (47.1 percent of customers) had secondary and tertiary education (29.3 percent), buttressing the point that the youth were the most weak when it came to drug abuse.

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