Pakistan Goes Into Total Darkness- Power Transmission Fails

inset is Power Minister–Omar Ayub Khan

Pakistan has encountered a serious power cut across the country, diving the South Asian nation into absolute darkness. The power outage affected major urban communities in Pakistan, including the biggest city and capital Karachi.

Several homes have been affected, subsequently officials have asked residents to be calm, but cautioned that it could require several hours before power is completely reestablished. Power cuts are normal in Pakistan, consequently this one seems to have hit the country hard.

As per the country’s Power Minister–Omar Ayub Khan, the countrywide power outage has been brought about by an unexpected dive in the recurrence in the force transmission system.

Major urban areas, including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, have all been affected. However, power had been reestablished in certain districts, including the city of Peshawar. Investigations are in progress to know more about the reason for the power outage.

Power outages once in a while happen in Pakistan due to persistent force deficiencies, with numerous regions having no power for a few hours per day. The issue has recently prompted street protests.

8 years ago, Pakistan’s power network separated totally after a force plant in south-western Balochistan territory built up a specialized deficiency.

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