Parents Exporting Their Children Abroad Should Stop Now!

Former Governor of Anambra state, Nigeria Peter Obi, has on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, stated that, the country needs to move from consumption to production, saying that remains a first concern of the country.

The governor who is the Presidential candidate of the Labor Party (Nigeria), has promised the responsibility of the party to turn around the latest thing where the Nigerian youth and children are sent to another country due to rising instances of absence of opportunities in the country.

As per Obi, Brazil was in a comparable situation with Nigeria up to this point, but today, Brazilians can take care of themselves and export agricultural produce. Something he figures Nigeria can do same.

For the exportation of children to cease in Nigeria, the government should focus more on production, he said.

Peter Obi

The number of children being sent out to other countries for cash in Nigeria is stressing. What’s more, economic experts are also connecting the situation to serious hardships in the country.

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However, patents have been urged assist with stopping the alarming situation, despite the fact that, there are challenges.

In Obi’s words:

“The wealth of a nation is not determined by the landmass but the level of production in the country. Nigeria is not a producing nation, let’s go out and produce. Prayer is not enough, we must go out to work.

“We dont want Nigerians keeping their children in Canada. Canadians don’t send their children here. Today, Nigerian parents are exporting their children abroad and are living alone here in empty homes. We must reverse it. We must bring back our children. To change the nation we must make it stable and safe for all. People still think it will be business as usual, no. We must reverse it.”

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