Paris Hilton’s Media Company Pull Their Advertising Campaign From X

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s Media Organization Stops Advertisements Spending On X, Regardless of Partnership With The Platform

Singer Paris Hilton’s entertainment company 11:11 Media has pulled an advertising campaign from Elon Musk’s X just one month after announcing an exclusive partnership with the platform.

The media organization becomes the furthest down the line brand to stop advertisement spending on the site previously known as Twitter over worries about antisemitism and Pro Nazi content on the site.

“11:11 Media made the decision to quickly pull the campaign from the platform,” Bruce Gersh, 11:11 Media’s president and chief operating officer, said in an interview on Tuesday.

The decision by Hilton’s organization to pull its advertising is a catastrophe for X and the platform’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, who announced a significant special partnership with Hilton just last month.

The arrangement, which was promoted by Yaccarino as a long haul, “official partnership” between Hilton, 11:11 Media, and X, planned to create “a launchpad for new initiatives in video and live video, live commerce, Spaces, and so much more.” The deal also established a revenue-sharing agreement between the parties.

Yaccarino, a former NBCUniversal advertising boss who has been entrusted with charming cautious advertisers back to X notwithstanding Musk’s wild leadership, pronounced Hilton the “Queen of Pop Culture” and portrayed the organization as “a new era” that would live solely on X.

A spokesperson for Hilton declined to comment on whether the suspension of 11:11’s ad campaign also meant the end of Hilton’s partnership with X. A spokesperson for X also did not immediately respond.

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However, Hilton remains active on the platform via her personal account, @ParisHilton, where she has amassed 16.6 million followers.

The decision by 11:11 Media to pull its advertising campaign from X comes after at least half a dozen brands also paused their ad spending on X last week over concerns about pro-Nazi content and Musk’s embrace of an antisemitic conspiracy theory on the platform.

IBM stopped its ad spend on X after a report from progressive media watchdog Media Matters showed its ad had run alongside pro-Nazi content on X. Other major brands, including Disney and Paramount, followed suit on Friday, but did not specify their reasoning for pulling their ad spending from X.

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