COVID-19 Has Helped Beautify Some Countries. This Is Why

Before COVID-19 vanishes from the human race, it would likely be advantageous in a way to certain countries since the lockdown has reduced the populace and movement in town, in this way, an extremely spotless environment.

Ghana started it’s partial lockdown three weeks back and since that time, the two significant urban areas Accra and Kumasi where the populace is by all accounts on the high is resting.

During the day, the overwhelming stress of heavy vehicular traffic, trading activities, and even the human traffic have all gone to rest. The only challenging thing here is the manner by which the usual methodology of criminals has changed.

While everybody is home complying with the guidelines of the governing body by staying inside, criminals have additionally concocted different intends to ransack off individuals whose properties are secured up in the market habitats.

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Well, that is just by the way, however, one intriguing thing about the lockdown with regards to Ghana is the means by which the country looks beautiful now. The filth that has been engulfing the significant urban communities have all been taken care of.

While everybody is inside their rooms during this pandemic season, the Government of Ghana has recruited individuals with skill in cleaning up the entire cities particularly the major business centres to make the country look extremely appealing.

Strolling around town, barely would you see a waste plastic, junk or things around. There are no noise pollution, human traffic, gospel evangelists busily preaching, and a lot more around.

At any rate, the urban communities are releasing some ‘stress’ with approximately few people around including the mentally unsettled people and the security powers.

Apparently, the neatness of the cities during this lockdown period delineates that, all countries are to revise their notes especially some African countries after the pandemic. Cleanliness, they say is next to Godliness!!

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