Philippines Sees The Worst Flood In About 40 Years: Thousands Trapped

President Rodrigo Duterte (inset) is expected to fly to the northern Tuguegarao province to assess the situation in the Cagayan Valley region

Philippines has been hit by a lethal Typhoon Vamco on Sunday November 15, as the loss of lives from the episode has move to 67, with 12 people actually missing, as indicated by the country’s national disaster management agency.

As deaths mount, the aid agency has confessed that, it fears for the safety of thousands of people caught by the floodwaters in Cagayan Valley. The flood is extreme to such an extent that, people are still on a rooftop to save their lives.

People are scrambling to protect thousands from the hurricane flooding as the situation gets serious. As per the country’s disaster agency, 22 fatalities have just been recorded in Cagayan, 17 in southern Luzon territories, eight in Metro Manila, and 20 out of two different areas. 21 people were injured.

Numerous regions in Cagayan, a rice-and corn-delivering district of 1.2 million people, remained lowered. Weighty flooding, brought about by the aggregated impacts of past climate unsettling influences, as well as water from a dam and higher fields have affected a large number of families, some of whom had fled to housetops to get away from two-story high floods.

According to history, these floods are the most noticeably awful the country has seen in Cagayan for in any event 40 years. Up until now, 47,000 people have been rescued but the safety and prosperity of thousands actually remain trapped.

Philippine Red Cross are direly looking for people caught in these shocking floodwaters and saving individuals who have been compelled to camp on their rooftops.

Agricultural commodities, infrastructures, and several others worth billions of pesos have been lost due to the flood. Almost 26,000 houses are additionally trapped.

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