Piesie Esther Gives Reasons Why She Would Make It To Heaven

Just when each fan of gospel music thought singer Piesie Esther’s hit tune ‘Way3 Me Yie’ was perhaps off the trends, the Gospel star has by and by released another rousing one ‘Mo‘ (Well Done).

Within a short space of time after its release, the song is by all accounts, reaching a more extensive audience because of the verses and the video to the tune which was directed by Skyweb Videos.

‘Mo’ is bigging up the All-powerful God for what he has done for each and everyone. In fact, it’s a heartfelt gratitude to God. The video has a few popular Ghanaian stars in there including KMJ, Nana Ama McBrown, Tima Kumkum, Roselyn Feli, Akosua Vee, and a couple of others.

During her usual promotional media tour, the singer-songwriter arrived at Accra 100.5 FM on Tuesday October 3; and during her conversation with the host Nana Romeo, Piesie Esther was asked as to whether she would go to Heaven should God descend today.

Without a second thought, the always- smiling singer said she would definitely make it to Heaven on the grounds that, she knows herself very well and obeys God’s commandments.

As indicated by her, in spite of the fact that she’s not a perfect person, she’s had the option to control herself not to ignore God’s precepts.

Piesie added that, she makes an honest effort not to hurt people in any way, swear off gossiping, remains calm by controlling her temper, ensures she hangs out with people who will help in submitting to God’s word and edicts.

‘Do You Even Believe or Trust There’s Heaven?”, Nana Romeo added another sticking question.

In her response, Piesie Esther said she one hundred percent believes there is God and there is a Heaven some place. She however gave Bible quotations to back her conviction.

The conversation between the host and Piesie got more interesting, as Nana Romeo further wanted to find out whether all church-goers will go to Heaven.

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However, the award winning artist discredited that statement, saying: ‘Not by any stretch of the imagination’, because his Granddad never went to any church during his life on this planet, yet he was generally a very good man in all aspects of life. According to her, the granddad never entertained things that will put him a long way from God.

Piesie Esther said the granddad had a novel life who put stock in God so much, and so if there is really Heaven, she (Piesie) believes her granddad will be there.

”Going to church routinely doesn’t promise you a ticket to Heaven, but it’s ideal to be a part of one due to multiple factors as the Holy Bible said”, Piesie stated.

Piesie Esther concluded that, in spite of the fact that she’s a resolute Christian who was significantly naturally born into Christianity, it doesn’t promise her Heaven. She would need to really work hard; as in comply with God’s commandments and respect his Word before one can make it.

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