Piesie Esther Releases A New Single- One Of The Sought-after Songs

Piesie Esther

Gospel act Piesie Esther has released a lovely tune named ‘Way3 Me Yie‘. The tune features another top gospel artist and music producer Nacee. The tune which is labeled as a smooth melody by several music fans, has pulled in many people to join the trend of making a video to chime in with it.

This powerful, emotional and spiritual tune is about the journey people have carried on with for their entire lives prior to showing up at their current situation in life. ‘Way3 Me Yie’ was composed by Piesie Esther herself and the video created by Skyweb (one of the finest video directors in Ghana).

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The verses of the melody is exceptionally touching and hearty, besides the extraordinary vocal prowess of Piesie Esther on the tune. ‘Way3 Me Yie’ has just been released, but it has gotten a lot of listenership and perspectives on the web.

Piesie Esther is one of the first rate performers in Ghana, with heaps of hit tunes to her credit including: Me Nte Ase3, Wobeɛdi Adanse, Time of Worship With Piesie Esther, Okuraseni, Osoree Mu Tumi [The Power In Worship], and so on.

Between-time, Piesie Esther recently pulled off an outright exhilarating Performance at Diana Hamilton Awake Experience 2022 in Kumasi-Ghana. 🔥🔥🔥

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