Police Arrest Man Who Pulled Out A Gun At The Airport

A 34-year-old man from Thailand recognized as Watchara Khambut was out of control, when he purportedly went on an outfitted frenzy at Thailand’s biggest airport on Wednesday May 3 has been arrested. He is presently facing charges, one of which could be qualified for a capital punishment.

Khambut comes up against seven charges over the episode at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on Wednesday.

As per Suvanabhumi Airport’s head supervisor, Kittipong Kitikachon, Khambut showed up at the airport on a motorbike at 11:50 a.m. and endeavored to pass through a security designated spot. At the point when he was denied entry, he purportedly turned around, entered the air terminal one more way and pulled out a gun.

The accused is said to have climbed steps into an air terminal structure where safety officers say they saw him attempting to crush a glass entryway, which was the only thing between him and the passenger part of the airport, Kitikachon said.

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In a press conference on May 4, Police Colonel Jirawat Piampinseth said that Khambut, who is from Loei Province in upper east Thailand, was being charged with crimes including property damage, inciting panic and threatening to harm people.

As per Piampinseth, Khambut was also carrying an ax but the gun was found to be fake. Police said Khambut was under the influence of drugs and that a pill known as Yaba — a mix of methamphetamine and caffeine — was on his person when he was arrested.

Thai police said one of the charges is based on Section 19 of Thailand’s Act on Certain Offenses Against Air Navigation, which can carry capital punishment.

“The maximum sentence could be death penalty but there are still other judiciary steps to decide if the man should receive such sentence,” Piampinseth said.

Meanwhile, the accused said he didn’t even know how he ended up at the airport.

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