Positional Journey Of World Bank’s Managing Director and Group Chief Administrative Officer, Shaolin Yang

Shaolin Yang

The World Bank is a financial organization whose purpose is economic development and the elimination of poverty around the world. With 189 member nations, staff from in excess of 170 countries, and workplaces in more than 130 areas, the World Bank Group is an extraordinary global partnership, with five institutions working for reasonable arrangements that lessen poverty and assemble shared thriving in delevoping countries.

The World Bank Group has several top positioners who are on the whole, helping in their own way to make the aspirations of the institution attainable. One of such individuals is Shaolin Yang.

Mr. Yang is the Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), who has served for more than three years now.

He has been with the Group since February 2016, and has been running the business of World Bank’s organizational strategy; budget and strategic planning; information technology; shared services; Corporate Procurement; General Services and Corporate Security; the Sanctions System; and the Conflict Resolution and Internal Justice System.

Mr. Yang has practical experience in the development and review of the World Bank Group’s strategic agenda through 2030, the Forward Look, and oversees the alignment of resources with corporate strategies.

He additionally supervises the Internal Justice System to guarantee a powerful, reasonable, straightforward, and moral working environment administration and business condition. The Office of the Chief Risk Officer also reports to him for managerial purposes.

Mr. Yang has broad experience and aptitude in universal improvement as well as multilateral and reciprocal collaboration, including MDBs. He filled in as Director General for International Economic and Financial Cooperation at the Ministry of Finance of China, accountable for monetary and money related collaboration among China and outside governments plus global financial institutions.

The Chinese born finance expert had additionally filled in as the Executive Director for China at the World Bank from 2009-2013, where he was the seat of the Committee on Governance and Executive Directors’ Administration Matters, regulating the turn of events and usage of various corporate administration changes.

Also, he had served as the Alternate Governor for China at the IFAD in Rome, Italy, and as the Alternate Executive Director for China at the Asian Development Bank in Manila, the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Boards of Directors of the World Bank Group comprise of the President and 25 Executive Directors acting as a unit to consider and decide on loans, credits and grants; private sector support and political risk.

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