‘Prayer’ Robbers On The Takoradi Road Arrested; Two Dead

On a typical day, burglars would attack people with all hostility, but two of these armed robbers who had supposedly robbed travelers on a VIP transport in the Western region of Ghana have been fired dead in a gun fight with Police.

The bus was going from Takoradi in the Western Region to Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana on Monday February 21, 2022.

Interestingly, in the wake of robbing the travelers on the bus, the masked robbers requested that the tensed travelers pray for them.

The Youth In Ghana Are Just Not Happy

According to the travelers, the robbers requested that they pray for them after they had robbed them of their possessions.

Without any potential repercussions, the robbers made it known to them that, it wasn’t their will to stop passing vehicles on the highway to attack travelers on the bus, but circumstances has constrained them to do as such.

The Ordeal Of The Driver:

As per the VIP driver, he had earlier been robbed before this one.

“I’m a driver and I was going to buy an engine for my vehicle at Kumasi. My Mobile Money phone was last week stolen by another set of armed robbers at Kintampo so I decided to carry the money in my bag but unfortunately, I have been robbed again,” he said.

Meanwhile, one other has been arrested and currently in Police custody, a Police source said.

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