President Bolsonaro Reckon That Brazilians’ Natural Immunity Will Protect Country

President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil

As the world is considering measures to take to battle the emergency on our heads with respect to the COVID-19 infection, huge number of people in Brazil appears not to care about what is happening.

Social distancing is one of the safety rules put across for all to stick to yet unfortunately, beachgoers in Brazil wouldn’t hold fast to the state’s lockdown request over the coronavirus episode.

The police in Brazil had to utilize helicopters noticeable all around to scatter the group having a fabulous time enjoyment at the sea shore.

The police who were heavily equipped in the skies, in the wake of detecting the group particularly the sunbathers, created a little dust storm and then pelted them from above as they escape from the Galheta beach, which is in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina.

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In actuality, Brazil doesn’t have a national lockdown, however the Santa Catarina does. Meanwhile, the government has been heavily criticized for not locking down since many countries have done as such to keep the pandemic from spreading.

President Jair Bolsonaro has been censured for not paying attention to the infection. Strangely, Mr. Bolsonaro had said that, he feels Brazilians’ natural immunity will protect the nation.

He further expressed that:

“The Brazilian needs to be studied. He doesn’t catch anything. You see a guy jumping into sewage, diving in, right? Nothing happens to him. I think a lot of people were already infected in Brazil, weeks or months ago, and they already have the antibodies that help it not proliferate,” Bolsonaro said. “I’m hopeful that’s really a reality.”

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