President Of Niger Barred From Contesting In The Country’s Elections

President Mahamadou Issoufou

Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou has been banned from standing as President of the country in the ongoing elections in Niger. Notwithstanding, his successor Mohamed Bazoum, is the front runner for the election.

The 68 year old President, is venturing down in the wake of serving two five-year terms. His leave gives route for the first ever peaceful transition of power between two chosen leaders in the West African country, which has had four overthrows since it won independence from France in 1960.

The ruling Parti Nigerien pour la Democratie et le Socialisme Tarayya has upheld the 60 year old replacement Mohamed Bazoum, in his campaign. He faces 29 other competitors, including ex-president Mahamane Ousmane and Ibrahim Yacouba, a former foreign minister.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court considered Hama Amadou, the principle opposition leader, ineligible to run. While the court didn’t give an explanation behind its decision, it very well might be identified with his 2017 conviction for being associated with a child trafficking crime, a wrongdoing for which he carried out a one-year jail punishment.

In the interim, Security powers have been conveyed all over the country to protect the safety of citizens.

Should Mohamed Bazoum wins the elections, he has a lot of tasks on his head, as he has promised to expand admittance to auxiliary schooling for girls — a change he says will urge them to have less children.

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