President Vjosa Not Happy With Mr Macron’s Visa Comments

President Emmanuel Macron

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has said that any suspension of visa-free travel to the European Union for Kosovo would “kill the dialogue with Serbia once and for all.

“That would be the most efficient method to kill the dialogue once and for all. Such measures … are against the people,” Osmani told journalists.

Her remarks came as a reaction to France’s President Emmanuel Macron, who recently said that his could could review the dedication it has made on political and economic issues of visas for Kosovo and Serbia if they don’t act capably, reports.

“France and Germany have made their promises on visa policies and other economic issues, which will be reviewed if both parties do not behave responsibly. We must be very careful in this regard, especially when the stability of the Western Balkans is at risk”, Macron revealed.

In April this year, the European Union (EU) embraced visa-free travel for Kosovo, consequently underlining that the holders of Kosovo’s passport would be qualified to travel without visa prerequisites from January 1, 2024, at the most recent.

Kosovo was the last country in the Western Balkans not to have such a concurrence with the coalition.

The visa liberalisation process for Kosovo began over a decade ago. In 2018, the European Commission estimated that the country met every one of the required circumstances for this process to be settled.

For now, holders of Kosovo’s passport are only eligible to travel visa-free to 15 countries, based on the estimations of the Passport Index of VisaGuide.World.

Meanwhile, Kosovo and Serbia aspire to become part of the European Union. But Brussels has said that both countries should solve their dispute through a mediated dialogue to finalise this process.

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Kosovo officially applied for EU membership on December 14 last year. Vjosa Osmani, the president of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, the prime minister of the country, and Gluk Konjufca, the speaker of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, attended the signing ceremony.

The president of Kosovo emphasized that this decision was a step toward bringing Kosovo closer to the European Union.

In December 2022, Kosovo’s Prime Minister said that the country did whatever it takes to apply for the position with an up-and-comer country in the EU while noting that the Balkan nation would before long present its application.

The first deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo in charge of European integration, Besnik Bislimi, told Politico that the country could become part of the bloc by 2030.

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