Prices Of Sachet And Packaged Water To Change From March 15

The National Association of Sachet And Packaged Water Producers has announced a price review of sachet water which starts from March 15.

The release announced that a proposed price for iced sachet water had been fixed at 30 pesewas for retailers since a review meeting in 2019.

Ex-factory price will now be GH¢ 2.50, and ex-truck price or retail price from circulation trucks will be GH¢ 3.5.

Mass purchases comprising 200 sacks or more would be given at sales or warehouse cost of GH¢ 3.00.

The public may, in this way, be purchasing at GH¢ 4 to GH¢ 6 for every sack from retail shops and stores depending on area.

The National Association of Sachet And Packaged Water Producers also conceded to have taken notice of some brands not properly certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

Such brands produced in carports, kitchens, compound houses and inconspicuous conditions are hiding in unfamiliar places.

Accordingly, the Association has advised Ghanaians to be careful about their drinking water choices. People are encouraged to take note of the sachet, especially for the FDA number before buying.

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