Prince Bright’s Latest Tune Is Genuinely Epic!

Prince Bright

Afrobeats singer and rapper Prince Bright has released a new song after a surprisingly long time of latency in the music scene. The song ‘Thunder‘ features Fante rapper, Pappy Kojo, and without doubt, it’s a beautiful composition.

‘Thunder,’ is an elating new track from the resuscitated Prince Bright and looks to announce his presence back in the music business.

In the song is a blend of sexy lines and adlibs for audience members to appreciate.

If you critically pay attention to ‘Thunder,’ you would see Prince Bright is still vocally incredible, and not quitting at any point in the near future. His creativity and mastery keep on driving him to higher achievements, resuscitating his all around enduring fame in the Ghanaian music scene for contemporary fans.

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Thunder‘ was produced by Skonti, and has a spellbinding vibe that invigorates each listening ear with its vivacious beat, captivating verses and immortal theme.

Award winning Prince Bright is one the talented Ghanaian artists who has been in the music game for decades with various laurels credited to his name.

Since his other group member Ronnie Coaches died, he in a way lost an ‘appetite’ to do music, but had the option to bounce back with a hit tune ‘Ofeetso’ which featured Africa’s best rapper Sarkodie quite a while back.

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