Prioritise Your Personal Growth Over Sex”- Actor To Men

Prince David Osei

Ghanaian actor Prince David is urging men to prioritise their personal development, career, and overall well-being over casual relationships and fleeting moments of pleasure.

The actor discussed his perspective on relationships and the effects they can have on one’s life in a recent Instagram post.

David Osei said that there is nothing wrong with having romantic or sexual relationships, but when these things take priority over long-term goals and aspirations, it becomes worrying.

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The actor went on to say that it was important for people, especially young men, to keep a balance between their ambitions and personal lives. He also said that success often required focus and discipline, not just sex.

He wrote:

“Brother don’t put your head on Delilah’s laps, don’t get caught up in Delilah’s trap, man. That’s where big dreams go to die! Don’t swap your fate for a quick roll in the hay. Time to leave that comfort zone and conquer the world. Don’t let sex chain you down, bro; the world’s your oyster. Reach for greatness. Stay alert, bro! Stay awoke fam”

He urged men not to worry about their life partners forgetting about them when they set on new ways since any lady really infatuated with a man will continuously offer her unflinching help for his progress.

“Don’t stress over your girl, wife… if she’s the one, she’ll hold it down for you. Too many dudes parking their potential ’cause they’re afraid their woman will bounce.”


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