Producers Advised To Select Unique Showbiz Pundits On Their Platforms

Francis Doku (inset)

As indicated by media consultant, Francis Doku, the media, especially showbiz is growing surprisingly fast, in this manner has encouraged television and radio producers to be wary while choosing entertainment Pundits and guests on their shows.

Chatting on a live Twitter Spaces conversation hosted by Graphic Showbiz, he expressed that listeners and viewers have become wiser and would like to hear savvy and valuable thoughts regarding significant topics. As a result, producers should ensure that those they select to discuss these topics are qualified and knowledgeable.

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Doku demanded that picking the right intellectuals for these shows shouldn’t only be tied in with getting good ratings or making things exciting. However, producers ought to zero in on finding experts who are reliable and can offer fair perspectives on issues.

“Don’t allow just anybody on air. A lot of people who lack what it takes to be pundits go on shows and parade themselves as pundits.

“There must be a criteria and they need to meet that. Producers, presenters must sieve through to see who meets what.” he said.

Francis Doku also added that people who are invited on these shows should constantly try to learn and get better at what they do. This will assist them with turning out to be more capable and respected in their field.

“Pundits must find ways to improve themselves so that they have fair knowledge about the field they find themselves in,” he advised.

Doku’s remarks come in light of rampant discussions about the state of the Ghana entertainment industry and how it can be improved to the benefit of all stakeholders.

In Ghana, most radio/television hosts and producers usually invite their friends whom they figure know a bit about entertainment on their shows to share their insights. The ‘friends faction’ is common in Ghana, although a few of these guests are exceptionally knowledgeable about showbiz and related issues in the business.

credit: Graphic Showbiz

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