‘Prophet Baddo’ Comes To Your Screens, And It’s Exciting!

Lynx television has exclusively premiered its latest series, ‘Prophet Baddo,’ at the Silverbird Cinemas on Saturday, July 22.

The ritzy occasion, which was attended by various Ghanaian superstars and industry insiders, denoted a critical achievement for the exceptional digital Channel and its partnered production company, Tigon Creative Studios.

The series, which was announced on Monday June 19, has been creating buzz since the news broke that famous actor and comedian Richmond Amoakoh, affectionately known as Lawyer Nti, would be playing the lead role.

As a famous actor and a talented writer, Lawyer Nti’s contribution as both the hero and the screenwriter added an additional layer of fervor and expectations to the series.

Prophet Baddo‘ explores the holding story of an apparently conventional man pushed into uncommon conditions. The show’s reason spins around a man’s frantic endeavor to get away from his troubles by changing himself into a startling prophet.

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The story vows to be a thrilling film loaded with feelings, mixing power and humor in a remarkable and enthralling way. With the introduction of a fantastic cast, including Fiifi Coleman, Princess Nkrumah, Andy Tetteh, Andrew Tandoh, and Henry Agbai, watchers are in for a treat.

Fine actors from the series in their in vogue clothing were at the debut at the Silverbird Cinemas.

Lynx television’s CEO offered his thanks and excitement saying:

“We are thrilled to witness the incredible turnout and enthusiasm for ‘Prophet Baddo.’ It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are grateful to our viewers for their unwavering support. This marks the beginning of a new era for Lynx TV, and we promise to continue delivering top-notch content for our audience.”

‘Prophet Baddo’ has without a doubt made way for an engaging and remarkable TV experience.

With its ideal mix of show, humor, and holding storytelling, it is destined to be the people’s favorite.

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