Qatar 2022 Beer Ban: See What The Sponsors Tweeted

FIFA has now banned the sale of alcohol at the Qatar World Cup stadia only 48 hours before the competition begins with sponsor Budweiser trying to downplay the news.

The brew brand’s Twitter handle posted:

‘well, this is awkward…’

However, Budweiser immediately deleted their tweet answering the World Cup beer ban.

This came minutes before Fifa affirmed that alcohol sales will be banned to special ‘fan zones’ where pints cost £12, are just accessible at specific times, and are restricted to four per person.

The move puts FIFA on a crash course with Budweiser, which is known to have a sponsorship deal worth $75million with the organising body and may drag Doha into a legal battle.

Qatari officials are asking FIFA to scrap off the sale of alcohol from World Cup satdi as per reports – only 48 hours before the competition starts off.

Many fans are not content with the most recent declaration by FIFA, as they are considering how they will find some approach to having a brew to enjoy during the one month competition.

On the other hand, some players are of the view that, in spite of the fact that, beer or alcohol has been banned at the competition, they will also give the fans that sort of fervor and buzz on the pitch to enjoy.

FIFA affirmed the stadia concourse brew ban ‘following pressure. mounted on them from Qatari royals’, inciting prompt resentment from fans.

Qatar 2022: Football Fans To Be Served With Alcoholic…

The ban is the latest controversy to plague an already fraught World Cup – the first to be held in a Muslim nation – which has thrown football’s governing ethos and traditional trappings into conflict with the hosts’ conservative interpretation of Islam. Interestingly, the intercession was made by the brother of Qatar’s ruler.

In the mean time, FIFA will be providing NO water fountains at the World Cup despite temperatures reaching 33 DEGREES out in Qatar. FIFA’s official fan park, fan zone and the eight World Cup stadiums are not providing water fountains for supporters despite the brutal temperatures in Qatar.

The absence of running water has led to fears of fans suffering from heatstroke and severe dehydration in temperatures that reached 33 degrees on Thursday, while the reliance on bottled water also highlights concerns over the tournament’s lack of sustainability.

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