Qatar 2022™: Training For Volunteers From Around The World..

Official training session for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ has began for areas of strength for 20,000 volunteers. The training is a blend of eye to eye and internet preparing modules that will give 1,300+ long stretches of learning, took care of each volunteer’s role and availing.

This is a program set to boost volunteering culture in Qatar, and with a happy direction event at Lusail Stadium still new in the minds of people, 20,000 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ workers have left on the following significant stage in their journey. The volunteers are now good to go, to get down to work, as they prepare to learn more about their tournament roles.

The assignment of uniting the biggest worker force in Qatar’s history started in March 2022 with a comprehensive screening, testing and interview process, assessing the best up-and-comers from 420,000 candidates from around the world.

The chosen volunteers represent a staggeringly different blend of 160 nationalities, drawn from varying backgrounds, with ages between 18 to 77, sharing one shared objective of conveying the main FIFA World Cup™ in the Center East and Bedouin world.

The training interaction is exceptionally critical, as the workers will be taken through how to figure out the gigantic size of the event and their individual obligations. The skills and resources they need to perform their duties, will be provided.

The Volunteer Centre based at Doha Exhibition Centre in Katara, previously the site where all 58,000 recruitment interviews were conducted, now serves as the friendly focal point and home base for volunteer activities.

Due to the different scope of roles, capabilities and points to be covered, an extensive training curriculum was created after years of development and collaboration between FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) across 45 functional areas of the tournament to prepare trainees for any of the 30 roles they will fulfil as official FIFA World Cup™ volunteers.

The training will combine face-to-face instruction, e-learning, hands-on workshops, role-play and in-venue training. It will also cover general topics such as cultural sensitivity and health and safety, as well as technical areas such as stadium operations and accreditation.

Meanwhile, FIFA Director of Services, Lisa Pennington, said:

“To develop a training system to support 20,000 volunteers working across every functional area of the tournament was a challenge, but the innovative e-learning platform gave us a programme that was both diverse and flexible. From previous World Cups, we found that volunteers were most grateful for the ability to explore and refresh their knowledge and the online modules support this.”

The central e-learning platform lets volunteers track their goals and progress and pursue optional learning modules of interest. It also allows the 5,000 international volunteers still abroad to keep pace with general learning and share in some of the face-to-face activities.

However, the volunteer training journey is not only about lessons and homework. Cosy seating, free refreshments and a casual vibe make it unsurprising to find volunteers happily socialising and lounging about before and after instruction.

Once registered, trainees are welcomed to an immersive walk-through installation that simulates the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ volunteer journey, celebrating football, fans and shared milestones.

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The training began in September and still ongoing this October. Trainees at the Volunteer Centre are being scheduled according to their functional roles and receive general and role-specific training, with additional 15- to 30-minute modules conducted via the e-learning platform.

Team leaders engage in special workshop-style training, focusing on areas like motivation and effective communication. Each volunteer commits to working at least 10 shifts throughout the tournament, with many who are involved in support functions, such as workforce, training and accreditation, already deployed logging shifts and building valuable work experience.

Nasser Al Mogaoiseeb, Volunteer Strategy Manager, said in an address,

“Volunteers are the heart and soul, the spirit of the tournament. Their influence happens on a micro-level—with a smile, kind words, welcoming gestures – but their impact will be measured on the macro-level, through the overall atmosphere, success and legacy of the tournament. We hope that in training such a talented bunch, their influence will be felt beyond the tournament by expanding the culture of volunteerism in Qatar to encompass all walks of life as a positive force of nature.”

The volunteer hub will host in excess of 300 in-person educational courses extending over 1,300 hours all the way through October. From November, learners will move in groups to their alloted stadia or settings for for venue-specific training, which continues through the lead-up to the big kick-off on 20 November.

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