Qatar Is Being Heavily Criticized. And This Is Why

Qatar’s ruling emir has attacked critics of his nation over its hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, portraying it as an “unprecedented campaign” focusing on the first Middle Easterner country to hold the competition.

Since winning hosting privileges for the World Cup ten years ago, Qatar has confronted scrutiny and criticisms for its treatment of migrant workers and the LGTBQ+ community, among other human rights issues.

The alleged abuses affecting legions of low-paid labourers who power Qatar’s economy and who built its gleaming World Cup stadiums have been a lighting rod for protest around the world, especially in Europe.

Qatar has over and over pushed back, demanding the nation has further improved securities for traveler workers and claims that the criticisms are obsolete.

Officials said Qatar has been subjected to an unprecedented campaign that no host country has ever faced.

” campaign tends to continue and expand to include fabrications and double standards that were so ferocious that it has unfortunately prompted many people to question the real reasons and motives,” he said.

Human Right groups have credited Qatar with improving its labour laws, such as by adopting a minimum monthly wage of around $275 a month in 2020, and for dismantling the “kafala” system that had prevented workers from changing jobs or leaving the country without the consent of their employers. However, activists call for more to be done.

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Pressure has also mounted on Qatar over its criminalization of homosexuality. Qatari regulation requires a jail sentence of one to three years for grown-ups indicted for consensual gay or lesbian sex.

In the long stretch of September, European football federations announced their intention for captains to wear an armband with a rainbow heart design as part of an anti-discrimination campaign during international matches.

“This is a great test for a country the size of Qatar that impresses the whole world with what it has already achieved and is achieving,” Sheikh Tamim said.

The tournament begins on November 20 and the final is set for December 18.

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