Qatari Billionaire Sues Facebook

Wissam Al Mana

American artist Janet Jackson is some way or another in the news as her ex Wissam Al Mana is connected to the issue. The Qatari billionaire has sued Facebook in Ireland over what he figures are phony commercials for digital money, utilizing his name and picture.

The complainant, Wissam Al Mana isn’t happy about the issue at all, as he decided to look for review at the High court. As indicated by Mana, he has since May 2019 seen that he has been included in fake adverts that have been distributed by people obscure to him utilizing the Facebook Ads tools.

He is hence suing Facebook Ireland Ltd, which is the social media’s European HQ, and the people behind the adverts for slander and pernicious deception. The adverts included his picture with thrilling features and subtitles using his name.

In actual fact, the adverts are intended to draw in Facebook clients to tap on the ad for whatever reasons he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Moreover, when users click on this bogus advertisements, it links them to a website page which contains a phony report indicating an elite interview with the billionaire, Wissam Al Mana.

In the so-called interview, he is said to recommend a cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin trader to customers.. After a steady grumble on the issue by reps of the billionaire, the advertisements were immediately expelled.

What confounds Wissam Al Mana, is that the adverts plainly breaks his GDPR rights, and that the degree at which Facebook Ireland’s glanced on idlely in regard of notices it distributes through Facebook Ads Tools is hazardous and will be an issue at the trial of the action.

Mana’s legal counselors are additionally looking for a request from the court requiring Facebook to unveil subtleties that would permit them to recognize the individuals who put the adverts, so he can bring procedures against them.

Janet Jackson

Wissam Al Mana was married to American vocalist and lyricist Janet Jackson for six (6) years before their separation in 2017.

He is the UK-based executive director of the Al Mana Group, which comprises of more than 50 organizations engaged with areas including property, technology, media, entertainment, retail and the motor business.

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