Qatar’s First Lady Falls In Love With Ghana’s Chef Faila’s Cooking Skills

Chef Faila

Ghanaian executive chef, Faila Abdul Razak has made her country proud after she used her culinary skills during an appearance at the Lulu Pearl Market in Doha, Qatar.

Faila prepared several feasts for the number of dignitaries in participation, which also had the First Lady of Qatar being part of the numerous visitors.

As per Faila, her feasts including Yam, jollof and others, were so well prepared and delectable that they wanted to ‘grab’ her and keep her in Qatar!

Chef Faila on Instagram in Qatar

“It is my pleasure to announce to every Community in Ghana to boost their productivity on Yam henceforth because export of Yam is going to be in great demand.

“I was nearly “k” today when I made greatness out of Yam at the Lulu Pearl Market in Qatar Doha together with other meals. Both Whites and blacks could not resist the delicacies and recipes.

“Infact, I was simply asked by the First Lady of Qatar if I would love to establish with them. The amazing Ghanaian community in Qatar also sends their greetings.

“Thank you Ghana🇬🇭 Thank you Qatar 🇶🇦 Thank you Ambassador to Qatar🇬🇭 Thank you Ghana Tourism Authority,” she wrote.

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