Quayba: An Awesome Songbird With A Unique..


Ghana’s former finance and the current senior minister, Yaw Osafo-Marfo even couldn’t hide his euphoria when he originally heard Quayba perform. He immediately approached her and praised Quayba for her showmanship.

Mr Osafo-Marfo couldn’t hold himself subsequent to being ‘blown-away’ by the fantastic songstress who generally does life and touching songs. Quayba’s act are always clean and well-rehearsed.

Quayba, Lilian’s stage name, has always aspired to become a global star with her talent, which she inherited from her grandmother. Consequently, she has always trained her voice over the years to achieve what she considers to be a top-notch voice that complies with international standards.

Quayba is a young talent who has been performing at special events both within and outside of Ghana for a number of years. She has demonstrated that, she is fit for making any audience she performs to, leave her show with a memorable experience.

Anyone who has seen Quayba perform can attest that the singer, songwriter, and vocalist is a one-of-a-kind, original, and a natural composer who has a lot of talent to share with the world. She values authentic songs that are completely distinct from trendy songs. Trendy as in, songs every artists appears to jump on just to satisfy fans.

Quayba stands out from other artists because she has created a unique niche for herself. The Afro-soul songstress mixes highlife music with other genres to make it a beautiful composition. According to Quayba, she is a designated ambassador of Highlife music, of which she believes is an authentic and relatable genre.

All things considered, she deciphers highlife in her own particular way to speak to the audience. Quayba, an independent artist, is confident that with hard work, professionalism, and perseverance, she will realize her goal of touring the world. She still has the self-assurance to “fly high” in her career despite the challenges she faces as an independent artist.

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Quayba has a lot of songs in her “basket” and is trying to be consistent in Ghana’s music industry by releasing a song every week. In fact, she has already begun this course and, in addition to her numerous songs, she has already released nine songs in just four weeks.

As one of the finest singers in recent times, Quayba has a fantastic voice and has always wowed the audience with her original live performances and African appeal.


Appeal: Quayba’s attractiveness is frequently linked to her personality. Her attractive presence alongside a decent performance attracts people to her shows.

A magnificent voice: She has good vocal “power,” which can also be described as being very pleasant. She is an exceptional and sympathetic performer, thanks to her distinctive singing.

Composition: The compositions of Quayba’s songs cannot be disputed. She does that with her own uniqueness.

Confidence: She has an ever-increasing sense of confidence, which helps her perform better and connect with the audience. In fact, Quayba has special qualities that have helped her get where she is today.

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