Quebec’s New Immigration Plan Is To Welcome More Immigrants..

According to a report from Immigration Canada, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has stated that Quebec could welcome a total of 112,000 immigrants annually.

According to VisaGuide World, Trudeau’s estimates contradict previous statement made by provincial Premier Francois Legault.

The majority of people who enter the francophone territory might come from the province that speaks French.

PM Trudeau made the point that “Quebec at the moment is fully capable of welcoming 112,000 immigrants a year.”

In contrast, the PM also blamed the authorities of the Eastern Canadian Province (Quebec) for the city’s labor shortages, highlighting the difficulties businesses are having recruiting new employees.

He stated,

“There are entrepreneurs in the Beauce who are unable to execute contracts because they cannot hire enough personnel.”

These remarks by the Canadian Prime Minister go against Legault’s assertion that, welcoming more immigrants to Quebec than the roughly 50,000 listed in the immigration levels plan would be a mistake.

A total of 22% of Canada’s population is entitled to the same percentage of the annual immigration intake, as stated by Immigration Canada.

The government has announced plans to welcome 465,000 foreigners next year. As a result, Quebec could have welcomed 102,300 foreigners but has decided not to.

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According to reports, businesses in Quebec have urged the province to increase immigration in order to address the labor shortages that have been noted across a variety of sectors in the country.

By 2025, authorities in Canada intend to increase annual immigration to 500,000.

Officials in Canada emphasized that the employment rate among immigrants in October reached a record high.

In this regard, Statistics Canada’s figures showed that immigrants made up the largest portion of the population in more than 150 years in 2021. They also pointed out that employment has also increased over time and that 1.45 million migrants, including Nigerians, will be welcomed in Canada by 2025.

Also, Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, stressed that, the arrangement would assist the region with bringing the labor force that is required in various fields considering technology, health care, manufacturing, and also building as of 405,000 immigrants that it received last year.

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