Queen Elizabeth II Weeps Again. Loses Another ‘Love’

Queen Elizabeth II received a 5-month-old little dog named Fergus as a gift to help her adapt during late spouse Prince Philip’s last days.

In pretty much a month and some few days, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II has endured a few emotional pains, as she has lost both her significant other Prince Philip and now her little dog. The 5-month-old doggy named Fergus has passed on.

Fergus was given to the Queen as a special gift during the Duke of Edinburgh’s last days before his passing at age 99 on April 9.

Fergus was one of two young doggies (the other is named Muick) given to the Queen recently.

The Queen, 95, has an uncommon inclination for dogs, and truly, for corgis specifically. She has claimed in excess of 30 corgis since she became Queen in 1952.

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Notwithstanding the two little dogs gifted to her, the Queen as of late owned a dorgi named ‘Candy’ after another corgi named Vulcan spent toward the end of last year.

The Queen is exceptionally known to have a special affection for dogs. In fact, they are her family.

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