R. Kelly’s Sexual Abuse Charges To Be Dropped?

On Monday, January 30, a Chicago prosecutor, Kim Foxx, announced that the charges against R. Kelly for sexual abuse will be dropped.

A day before a court hearing on charges that he sexually abused four people, three of whom were minors, the prosecutor made the announcement. Foxx informed that on Tuesday, she would ask the judge to drop the charges.

According to reports, Kim Foxx acknowledged and accepted the fact that the decision to drop the charges against the disgraced R&B singer will be demoralizing for a large number of women who came forward and accused R. Kelly of his crimes.

She provided an explanation for the decision, stating that Kelly faces decades in prison following two federal convictions.

The Chicago prosecutor stated,

“Mr Kelly is looking at the possibility of never walking out of prison again… We believe justice has been served.”

In 2019, Kelly was the first person charged in Cook County. The singer-songwriter has been found guilty of child pornography, racketeering, enticement, and sex trafficking since then.

The verdict in the New York Case says that Robert Kelly will spend 30 years in prison for sexually abusing a lot of young women with his fame, a systemic plan that reportedly went on for decades.

The sentence was handed down by US District Judge Ann Donnelly in New York after several of Kelly’s victims addressed him during the hearing as they shared their stories.

Prosecutors claimed that Kelly was a serial sexual predator who abused young women and minors for more than two decades. The allegations of six people formed the basis of the trial.

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The Grammy-winning singer, who is now 56 years old, will not be eligible for bail until he is close to 80 years old. He is currently awaiting a second sentence on charges of child pornography and enticing a minor, which is scheduled for February 23 in the federal court in Chicago.

Kelly is facing charges of solicitation in yet another sexual misconduct case. In Hennepin County, Minnesota, this case is pending. Kelly’s fate has not yet been determined by the Minnesota prosecutors.

In the 1990s, allegations of Kelly’s sexual abuse of young girls began to circulate. But he kept making music and selling millions of albums. In 2008, a Chicago jury found him not guilty of child pornography.

After the release of the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly and the emergence of the “MeToo” movement, outrage over his crimes began.

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