Rapper D-Black To Help The Needy To Pay Rents, Et Cetera


Rapper and CEO of Black Avenue Muzik, D-Black has announced on Twitter that, on Saturday January 2, 2021, he will help around 30 individuals to pay for their rents, school fees, and even get some groceries for the fortunate ones who will be a part of the thirty chosen for this humanitarian move.

Be that as it may, as per the rapper, this beneficent assistance is exclusively for those in desperate need and not for anyone by any stretch of the imagination. D-Black is noted for doing such selfless donations.

He in this manner requested that his followers propose those deprived by tweeting at him for the help. Clearly, it’s another year and this is the means by which the musician decided to celebrate the beginning of the year – by aiding the destitute.

D-Black, is a Ghanaian multiple award winning and chart topping anglophone hip-hop and Afrobeat musician, entrepreneur, philanthropist & venture capitalist from Ghana, Africa.

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