Rapper Obibini’s Mastery Flow Affirms Him. This Is Why


For the records, Obibini is arguably the best rapper in Ghana, who is labelled as a unique rapper who makes rap fascinating and simple to pay attention to.

The Zylofon Media signee has been in the rap game for quite a while at this point, and has substantiated himself as truly outstanding if not the best in Ghana.

Obibini is a sensational artist whose rap style is deep, and comfortable that, you’d generally love to pay attention to him again and again. The rapper has several ‘solid’ tunes that resounds with the music masses – which include:

‘Lemme Know’ which was delivered in 2017, Balenciagas, Get A Life, Shoot, Ahye Me which featured singer KiDi, Stacks, The Statement, 32 Bars, and many others including the most recent one ‘Yardie’ — which features two top dancehall artists Stonebwoy and Akiyana.

Obibini’s style of rap is just incredible, and he knows when and how to do it, paying little mind to the title of the track. For a rap to be called as a good one, it must have some characteristics – and Obibini falls in that category.

An extraordinary rapper can sound comfortable over a variety of sounds and production styles, and that comfort points to a mastery of many necessary skills—delivery, flow, and clarity.


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It also points to awareness, which in a more immaterial way is what truly makes a rapper incredible.

Obibini couldn’t have done anything than rap since his verses, rythym, beat and stream are consistently magnificent. All those things make up a good rap song.

If you can bump your head to the rythym without even having to find the right part, it clearly means it’s a good rythym.

If you can feel the beat in your body and can experience how it’s changing all through the melody, then clearly it’s a good beat.

Obibini surely represent or embodies these characteristics. He is a rapper who touches on topics that people care about, but aren’t often rapped about.

As is often the case with education, you can oftentimes even make people care about something that they never thought they did if you present the subject-matter well enough.

Obibini is a talented rapper who has validated himself in the Ghanaian music industry, and has all the necessary ‘ingredients’ to be a highly branded rapper in Africa, and even beyond.

Obibini has an Album ‘Diagrams’, and you should see the tracks on that collection – you’ll just love it!

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