Rapper Ohemaa Dadao Stands Tall In The Game

Ohemaa Dadao

I have tuned in to American rappers DaBrat, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and a lot more female rappers but subsequent to tuning in to Ohemaa Dadao, I understood why she is incredibly interesting in her own style.

The Ghanaian rapper has been dynamic in the rap game for a long time now, and is been perceived as one of only a handful scarcely any female rappers in the West African country.

Obviously, there are other ‘strong’ female rappers like Eno Barony, Freda Rhymz, Sister Deborah, Young Chorus, Feli Nuna, Y’akoto and numerous others in Ghana, but Ohemaa Dadao has an exceptional and one of a kind style that drives her to give more ‘buzz’ at any time she is in front of an audience.

The Hip-Hop/Rap artist was out of sight but she stood out as truly newsworthy in Ghana, when she released ‘Popraa’, a ground-breaking rap that pulled in heaps of music particularly rap fans in Ghana and in Africa in general.

She has made versions of melodies of top acts like Sarkodie (ostensibly the best rapper in Africa) with an ‘insane’ flow. As the Queen of Rap music, she has demonstrated why she is probably the best rapper on the continent with an awesome performances on gigantic platforms in Ghana and beyond the country.

With tunes like- – Life is War, Special, Clowns and some more, she makes you fall for Rap music. At a point, she did a diss track that was equipped towards her foes, but it ended up being a favourite tune of people that got the fans into it.

The tune ‘Popraa’ was perfectly delivered by the rap artist. Ohemaa Dadao has once been regarded as the best female rapper. She is however preparing more hits to be released entirely soon.

Then again, the Queen of Rap has the ‘energy’ to remain on one stage with the best male rappers anyplace around the globe.

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