Comedians Experience More Depression- Research

Since comic actors are the ones who engage us when we are in emotional challenges like pressure and strain, many people surmise that, they have no issues in their homes.

Unfortunately, that is not the situation as many celebrated entertainers have passed on out of frustration and depression with some in any event, committing suicide. The shocking deaths of these outstanding stand up comedians have prompted expanded consciousness of the earnestness of dysfunctional behavior, at a horrible cost.

In 2014, one of the celebrated comic entertainers in the world, Robin Williams killed himself at age 63 with the world getting stunned at what may have been the issue that pushed him to end his life. According to clinician and tests carried on him, it was revealed that, he did that because of depression.

A large number of these performers have done same (committing suicide). They include Tony Hancock, Richard Jeni, and Max Linder, Freddie Prinze, Charles Rocket and many more. Unfortunately, they have all experienced the ‘sword’ of suicide and could have been saved if they had opened up to close people.

Interestingly, the majority of these performers experience depression a great deal, and at a point, they stop ingesting their prescribed medications that could assist them with discharging those issues.

For somebody like Freddie Prinze, he ended it all by shooting himself in the head in 1977 when he was only 22. Other than despondency, the comic actor was additionally experiencing divorce issues at the time of his demise. Sadly, at the hour of his death, his child was just a year old.

Some schools of thought have proposed that, as comedians, it is prudent to have psychologists and other just health specialists as part of their supervisory team. This will have a good reflection on even their performance in front of an audience.

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Performers like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and the likes have perhaps experienced a touch of gloom before, but overpowered them by way of consulting psychologists. Depression comes in various manners and if not critically observed, they can prompt serious ramifications.

Recently, a famous Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face had a verbal fight with his colleague performers. Obviously, from his steady expressions via social media, lots of people concluded that he might be experiencing depression, in this way would require a psychologist to get him out of that situation.

And truly, their guesses were right. Funny Face was eventually diagnosed of depression.

Depression is commonly a major issue influencing huge number of people around the globe, yet comedians are the most affected. Until they understand that they need psychologists in their dealings, that downturn will never be defeated.

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