Reggie Rockstone – The Music Journey To The Food Business

Reggie Rockstone

He is labeled as the Grandpapa of Hiplife (a combination of hip hop and Ghana’s Hi-life music). Named ‘Grandpapa’ because, he is the originator of this extraordinary genre of music that has gone beyond the shores of Ghana to other African countries.

Reggie Osei famously referred to in the showbiz hovers as Reggie Rockstone has for the past number of years been significant up to this point when he to some degree, retired from music (not affirmed yet). It’s been some time since he released a track or an album.

Reggie, who is currently a member of the famous music Group, VVIP has for quite a while, haven’t been seen at the studios to record. Strangely, the talented hotshot is currently into a business the vast majority didn’t expect he would wander into.

Obviously, he has several other businesses including a sublime bar, Clothing Line and numerous others, but shockingly, Rockstone has been into food business for as long as a decade obscure to music fans.

Reggie’s Waakye business has been in operation for the past decade

Rockstone has been in the ‘Waakye’ business with his wife for as far back as ten years, but amusing enough, the ‘Rockz Waakye‘ got so much attention and popularity when another Ghanaian Dancehall craftsman, had a little quarrel with the Grandpapa. According to Shatta Wale, Rockstone has not made so much cash out of his Hip-Life genre that he introduced years ago.

Controversial Shatta Wale further expressed that Reggie is poor and has nothing to flaunt most definitely. This remarks from Shatta Wale didn’t go down well with heaps of people, therefore created bunches of contentions and conversations among entertainment savants.

Reggie and his wife

Although many were the people who went hard at Shatta Wale for his faltering remarks against the HipLife Grandpapa, Rockstone’s Rockz Waakye was exceptionally popular with bunches of individuals ordering for some.

Perhaps, Shatta Wale didn’t realize he has rather helped in the promotion of the Waakye business with those remarks. In the midst of all these uproar, Rockstone came out to answer Shatta Wale that, he gets such a lot of money flow from his other businesses including the Waakye business with his wife, thusly, Wale’s statement is on an inappropriate side.

Reggie Rockstone Unveiled As The New Ambassador Of Stone Depot

After all these, the Rokz Waakye business by Reggie Rockstone and spouse is indeed ‘blasting’, and is also sold on delivery. Many people and organizations request for some at the solace of their homes just to have a taste of it.

Yes! Reggie Rockstone who is one of Africa’s best rappers has indeed found a new business!

The Waakye

Waakye is a Ghanaian dish cooked with rice and beans, usually had for breakfast or lunch. The rice and beans, generally dark peered toward peas or cow beans, are cooked together, alongside red dried sorghum leaf sheaths or stalks and limestone. It is generally served hot and made by the people of northern Ghana.

Pronounced ‘waa-chay’, it is generally enclosed by banana leaf and joined by at least one of wele stew, bubbled chicken eggs, garri, shito, vegetable serving of mixed greens of cabbage, onions and tomatoes, spaghetti or singed plantain.

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