Reggie Rockstone Unveiled As The New Ambassador Of Stone Depot

Reggie Rockstone in a handshake with the CEO of Stone Depot Ghana

Stone Depot Ghana opened their first showroom on the Spintex Road on Thursday, March 30.

Stone Depot is a natural stone fabricator that uses high-quality slabs from all over the world. It has cutting-edge machinery and professionals who can help you customize stone shapes and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Granite, Marble, and Quartz are just a few of the natural stone products that Stone Depot manufactures and sells.

In keeping with this, Reggie Rockstone, a hiplife and rap legend from Ghana, was named the brand ambassador at the ceremony. Reggie Rockstone gave a brief account of how the incident, which occurred on August 23, 2022, resulted in the brand ambassador contract.

The incident occurred while Zilla was berating her daughter on live video for carrying a taser. A Peugeot pickup belonging to Stone Depot Ghana slammed into Zilla’s vehicle while she and her daughter were on the phone reporting her daughter to the father for using a taser on someone.

An Interesting Revelation About Rapper Reggie Rockstone

The two motorists got into a fight as a result. Why did you park on the road? It’s not a good place to park. I’m going to slap you if you stop filming, the Peugeot driver said in rage. However, Rockstone’s wife requested that her daughter continue filming the incident.

After lodging a complaint over the phone using the number embossed on the pickup, Rockstone arrived on the scene and drove his wife and daughter behind the vehicle to their office. View this post on Instagram

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“I have a footage of how we met. 7 months ago, a huge blow up between myself, my wife, my daughter and one stone depot driver, and from there, 7 months here we are,” he said.

Mr. Reggie Rockstone and his wife, Mrs. Zilla Limann-Ossei, received official restitution from the CEO and management of Stone Depot Ltd., who stated:

”Upon further investigations, we accept full responsibility of the incident and are taking the necessary steps to ensure it does not happen again. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of our driver who has accepted his fault in the matter. We at Stone Depot hope all of this will be put behind us as we move forward with both doors open to each.”

Credit: Ameyaw Debrah Media

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