Regina Van-Helvert Robbed At Gunpoint In Accra

Regina Van-Helvert

Broadcast journalist Regina Van Helvert has been robbed at gun point in East Legon in Accra, Ghana. As indicated by her, it was an exceptionally startling encounter as she shared the story.

Regina revealed that she was robbed while in her vehicle by two or three brandishing guns.

Regina said, they opened the car door while she was inside and pushed their weapon in her face. They then, at that point, took her bag and phone and hurried off!

Regina made the disclosure of the theft in a remark on a video showing two people on a motorbike stealing a parked vehicle’s mirror.

The video showed – two guys on a motorbike and one jumped off, stripped the driving mirror off a parked car and then sped off with his colleague who was waiting on the bike.

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It looks as if, that is the freshest sort of burglary happening in Accra now, as some Ghanaian celebs have also experienced same episode.

The award winning actress and TV presenter wrote:

“I had a similar experience. They opened my car while I was inside, showed me a gun and asked me to keep quiet. They took my phone and carried my bag away. Same East Legon and this happened during the day o. I fear!”

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