Remember Singer Mark Morrison? He Has Announced His Decision To Delve Into Politics

Mark Morrison (Now and Before)

Music lovers, particularly R&B fans who were around during the 90’s, would recall that one of the tunes that was exceptionally ‘Loud’ and associated with people’s love life was Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack“. The very well produced tune which slung Mark Morrison to fame all over the world was released back in 1996.

“Return of the Mack” was a tune that associated well with Mack Morrison’s very own relationship, where he lost his girl at that time. In fact, after the heartbreak, he ricocheted back unequivocally, in this manner produced the tune to announce that, he is back.

Mark Morrison wanted to show the young lady that he could make it. He talked about how she deceived him when he had conceded to her that he was infatuated with her. Although it was an agonizing experience, the British R&B singer had an extraordinary impact with his pains through the hit tune “Return of the Mack”.

The melody ultimately became a No. 1 or top 10 hit in several European countries in 1996. It topped at No. 2 in the United States the following year. Such countless years after the release of the single “Return of the Mack”, the 48 year old singer Mark Morrison is thinking about getting into politics.


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In October 2020, Mark Morrison openly expressed that he will think about challenging Peter Soulsby to become the next Mayor of Leicester.

Morrison, who grew up in Barnard Close in the Highfields area of Leicester, now lives in Palm Beach, Florida where he runs his record label called MackLife Records. He also has a base in Kensington, London, but is bent on getting into politics as well.

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