Remember This Actor in The Ever Popular Sitcom “The Cosby Show”?

Malcom-Jamal Warner

During the 1980’s, huge number of people around the globe were engaged on our TV screens with one of the most watched TV satire series at the time, NBC sitcom ‘The Cosby Show‘. Among the exceptional cast was a noble young man who was the senior child of Bill Cosby in the Series, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. I am almost certain the majority of you have forgotten him especially after the series went off our screens.

Malcolm-Jamal had the enthusiasm to be in the showbiz world at nine years old, so he wanted to take a crack at acting schools. Through that, after graduating from High School, he moved on to study more about the films, so you can’t resent him when he performed extraordinarily well in the Cosby Show in 1984 when he joined the production team.

A fascinating but excellent disclosure about Malcolm-Jamal is that, he was raised by his divorced mother, Pamela, who served as his manager. However, before 1984, he was already showing up on many other TV shows and films. He buckled down until he showed up on the ever famous sitcom, The Cosby Show.

Malcom-Jamal with the cast-the Cosby Show

Malcolm-Jamal assumed the role of the child of Bill as mentioned above at an opportune time and was included in the sitcom for a reliable eight years (1984-1992). Interestingly, Malcolm-Jamal auditioned for the role on the absolute last day of the search across America and was picked by Cosby himself.

What made Malcolm-Jamal special during his working days in the sitcom, was the manner by which he was aspiring to get the hang of everything while acting. He figured out how to direct films, make music videos and doing every single other things he thought was useful for his acting profession.

Actually, subsequent to concentrating all these, he directed music videos of unmistakable and well known artists in America including New Edition’s “N.E. Heart Break” (1989), rapper Special Ed’s “I’m the Magnificent” (1989) and British R&B bunch Five Star’s “I Love You For Sentimental Reasons” (1994). He has likewise directed numerous sitcom scenes including The Cosby Show, All that, Kenan and Kel, and Malcolm and Eddie.

Furthermore, Warner directed the acclaimed, teen-oriented public health video Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS, You (1992) and “Magic” Johnson examining the real factors of HIV and AIDS and the most ideal approaches to forestall its spread. From that point forward, he has featured in such a significant number of different movies and sitcoms on TV, with “The Fresh Prince of Belair” being one of them and showed up as a vagrant on “Touched by an Angel“.

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Besides all the above, Malcolm-Jamal is likewise into music. He released his first EP in 2003, The Miles Long Mixtape. Later in 2007, he caught up with his subsequent CD entitled Love and Other Social Issues and they were generally welcomed by the crowd. The bass guitarists and writer has additionally performed at the National Black Theater Festival since 2003.


In 2012 Malcolm-Jamal was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a comedy series at the NAACP Image awards for his role in Reed Between the Lines. His scintillating performance in that comedy series was unimaginable.

Others Awards And Nominations:

2015: Winner “Best Traditional R&B Performance” – “Jesus Children of America” at the
MD Theatre Guide Readers’ Choice Awards.

2013: Winner 1st Place, “Best Performance by Lead Actor in a Play” -Doctor John Prentice in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at Arena Stage at the BET Comedy Awards.

2005: Nominated, “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” (Listen Up Emmy Awards).

1986: Nominated, “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” — The Cosby Show at the Image Awards.

1996: Nominated, “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series” — Touched by an Angel

2001: Nominated, “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” — Malcolm & Eddie

2012: Winner, “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” – Reed Between the Lines TV Land Awards.

2006: Nominated, “Favorite Singing Siblings” — The Cosby Show (shared with co-stars) at the Young Artist Awards.

1985: Winner, Best Young Supporting Actor in a Television Comedy Series – The Cosby Show

1988: Nominated, Best Young Male Superstar in Television – The Cosby Show

1989: Won, Best Young Actor/Actress Ensemble in a Television Comedy, Drama Series or Special – The Cosby Show.

1990: Won, “Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Television Series” — The Cosby Show

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