Report Corrupt People, Your Safety Is Assured: CHRAJ Assures Ghanaians

Corruption is one of the nonstandard ethics that has been in presence for quite a while to date. Nations have lost a lot of money out of corruption around the world but a significant snag is the means by which to either lessen its ascendency or stop it.

Ghana is one of the countries engaging with this problem. The country as per statistics, has been named as one of the corrupt countries. Be that as it may, authorities are doing all that could be within reach to manage this growing problem.

That said, Ghana’s Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) is by all accounts endeavoring to help stop it.

One significant challenge is the languid mentality of reporting corrupt cases to the legitimate experts for action to be taken.

CHRAJ is however doing all it can to raise this new awareness. Unfortunately, no action is made against culprits of equity when such reports are made.

And another thing is the issue of corrupt officials not being rebuffed, hence people don’t mind any more. They induce nothing will occur or they will be victimized after the report.

Because of this, CHRAJ has assured Ghanaians or Whistle Blowers of their safety and security in the wake of reporting corrupt people.

This will unmistakably heighten the confidence and trust of people to swiftly report corrupt cases. But as to whether people will have full trust in the new mandate is another issue.

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