Rihanna’s Tweet Ignites Emotions In The Midst Of Farmers Protest In India


Indians are not content with Rihanna – the Pop superstar for tweeting on the side of protesting farmers in India. Her tweet which some believe is somewhat sensitive, circulated around the web worldwide, with a large number of people reacting emphatically in support of the tweet.

The tweet:

why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest https://t.co/obmIlXhK9S

Rihanna’s tweet to her 101 million supporters sent her name to the highest point of social media trends in India. Her post drew a worldwide overflowing of support.

Moments after the artist’s tweet, teenage climate extremist Greta Thunberg and the US VP’s niece Meena Harris also tweeted on the side of the farmers.

Indian farmers have been protesting against the homestead laws by the government at the capital Delhi’s boundaries.

India’s external affairs ministry said parliament had passed “reformist legislation relating to the agricultural sector” after a full debate and discussion.

The petulant homestead laws release rules around the sale, pricing and storage of farm produce which have shielded India’s farmers from the unrestricted economy for quite a long time.

Read this too:

Curiously, India suspended portable internet providers in three territories around the capital, Delhi, where a huge number of farmers are gathering to challenge the new laws.

In defense of the internet shut down, the government of India said it was to keep up public safety. The protest stood out as truly newsworthy a week ago when a work vehicle rally by farmers finished in brutal conflicts that left one protester dead and many police officers harmed.

Farmers’ groups and unions denounced the savagery but said they would not cancel the protest.

Then again, several others also criticised Rihanna for swimming into the fights against the laws that have been protected by the Indian government and its allies. But Rihanna had many positive responses from people all over the world including top personalities.

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