Rolls-Royce’s Latest ‘Ghost’ Is Inspired By Greatness

Interior design of Rolls-Royce’s New ‘Ghost

One of Rolls-Royce’s numerous new models is the “Ghost.” The Ghost exemplifies a world of limitless potential in its purest form.

Its virtue frees the creative mind, welcoming you to make a motor vehicle that is completely original. The possibilities for Ghost are endless; all that is required is imagination.

The vehicle has a combined NEDC of 343 g/km and emits CO2; Fuel consumption of 18.8 mpg/15.0 l/100km.

Other than this, the Apparition has these features:

WLTP # (combined): CO2 emission: 359-347 g/km; Fuel consumption: 17.9–18.6 mpg / 15.8-15.2 l/100km.

Ghost owners and potential buyers have the endless opportunity to experience customization options. Each Ghost is essentially as remarkable as its owners — which is yours and yours alone. The car gives life to its blank canvas and reflects the customer’s personality in every detail.

The Ghost is Unadulterated and flawless and characterizes its definitive starting point for boundless self-articulation. An original Bespoke service has the ghost in mind.

Rolls-Royce’s New Spectre Is Priced At Over $400,000

The fuel efficiency specifications are determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval.

The figures shown consider optional equipment and the different size of wheels and tyres available on the selected model. Changes of the configuration can lead to changes of the values.

For vehicle related taxes or other duties based (at least inter alia) on CO2 emissions the CO2 values may differ to the values stated here. They do not relate to any one particular vehicle, nor are they part of any offer made, rather they are solely for the purpose of comparing different kinds of vehicle.

The fact that customers can collaborate with Rolls-Royce’s artisans and designers to create a truly one-of-a-kind automobile for themselves is an intriguing aspect of the Ghost vehicle.

The Ghost is, in fact, a creative expression of your world through creative ambition.

You can read more about the ‘GHOST’ below:

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