Romário’s Extraordinary Skills Attracted Lots Of People To Love Football

Romário De Souza Faria

Jerseys with numbers 10 and 11 has consistently been ‘magical’ worn by extraordinary football players around the world. Admirers of football will verify this reality that, some years back, all number 10 and 11 Jersey wearers like Abedi Ayew Pele, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Diego Maradona, Pele, Jay Jay Okocha, and numerous other excellent players were large and in charge during soccer matches.

Consequently, these players were profoundly followed by defenders wherever on the field, for dread they can shrewdly beat them to put the ball at the back of the net.

One of such players was Brazil’s Romário. Yes, he is presently politician but thinking back to his playing days, Romário was a remarkable, dexterous and savvy striker who was constantly partnered in front of goal by Bebeto and once in a while Rivaldo who played on the left for the ‘Samba Boys’.

The Brazilian forward was at that point doing grandly well in Brazil but his name went everywhere throughout the world during the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the US.

His phenomenal partnership with Bebeto was a major conversation among soccer pundits. When on the ball, Romário was essentially excessively phenomenal and took on the best defenders with his usual skills during the USA ’94 World Cup.

Romário whose real name is Romário de Souza Faria was a productive striker famous for his clinical finishing. Many sports savants have named him as one of the best player ever in the world.

Numerous soccer fans including myself, became hopelessly enamored with Romário during the 1994 World Cup where he bagged five Goals, and was named as the over all best player of the tournament.

But for the goal poaching capacities of Hristo Stoichkov and Oleg Salenko who scored 6 goals each, Romário could have been the top top scorer of that competition.

Out of the five goals in the competition, each one of the three initially round matches, was against Russia, Cameroon, and a trademark toe-jab finish against Sweden.

Romário has played for some clubs that traversed across five continents for more than two decades. He scored 71 goals in 85 appearances for Brazil and from unsubstantiated sources, he has scored more than 1,000 club goals.

Romário additionally played for one of the World’s top Clubs, Barcelona where he demonstrated his prowess as probably the best striker at that time.

Romário will surely not be forgotten in the realm of football as he has without a doubt left a permanent imprint for himself, his country and the world at large.

Romário is doing very well in politics in Brazil as well

The 54 year old is presently a Brazilian politician (member of the Federal Senate of Brazil), a position far from football just like George Oppong Weah, the present President of Liberia, who was additionally named the World best Player in 1995.

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