Ronaldinho Released From Prison

Former Barcelona whiz Ronaldinho has been discharged from the jail in Paraguay in the wake of going through approximately 32 days in there over a charge of manufactured documentation.

The former World’s Best Player is however going to be put on house arrest at a lodging in the country’s capital of Asuncion after supposedly paying a £1.3million bond.

The skilfull former player and his sibling Roberto were both accused of endeavoring to enter Paraguay with counterfeit identifications in March 2020. They were confronted with a half year prison term.

A fascinating part of the entire prison adventure was the manner by which Ronaldinho’s legal advisor was angry with his client.

As per the legal counselor, Adolfo Marin, his client Ronaldinho had been ‘stupid’ for scrutinizing the courts for not considering his wrongdoing.

Particularly when the courts have not considered the way that Ronaldinho didn’t realize he was perpetrating a mistake.

In fact, Ronaldinho himself didn’t understand he had been given false documents.

Ronaldinho (left) with Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’ during his active playing days

Ronaldinho recently turned 40 but sadly, had to spend his birthday in jail. However, the detainees in there guaranteed he despite everything, had a smile all over as they prepared him a cake and set him up a grill.

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