Russia Is Sidelined At The 2022 Mobile World Congress

GSMA, the body that runs Mobile World Congress, has put out an explanation censuring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As per the Statement, the Russian Pavilion, a stand where various countries show their local tech scene, would be banished from the event.

The Mobile World Congress 2022 which
took off on February 28, in Barcelona, Spain, is an annual show that hosts some of the world’s largest communications companies, with many unveiling their latest phones and wearables gadgets like foldable screens.

During Vodafone’s CEO Nick Reed’s address at the opening ceremony, he said:

“Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the war”

The GSMA has emphatically condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. And according to the organization, the circumstance is fast, however that it would follow all government sanctions and policies resulting from the present circumstance.

Vodafone CEO Nick Reed said – with the background of the Ukraine war, it reminds everybody including himself to remember the significance of worldwide sectors and communities like theirs cooperating to propel society.

The attack has quickly been denounced by government leaders across the world, with a few state run administrations declaring punitive actions against Russia. The U.S is focusing on sanctions against Russia’s banking system and even President Vladimir Putin himself.

The CEOs of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom were strikingly quiet on the subject of Ukraine as at Monday February 28. They are yet to respond.

In the mean time, European telco leaders have been substantially more vocal regarding this situation since its beginning.

“The most pressing issue is clearly the war in Ukraine. This adds to the world facing political, economic, social and environmental turmoil all at the same time. We are all going to have to dig very deep to help overcome these challenges,” Vodafone’s Reed said.

Telefonica CEO Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete Lopez did not mention the Russia-Ukraine crisis specifically, but said “this is not a time for war. This is not a time for confrontation, nor for conflict. This is time for collaboration” he said.

As we speak, MWC has successfully started in Barcelona, but the event has generally been eclipsed by the Ukraine war, particularly as the nation faces an increased danger of cyberattacks from Russia and deception campaigns.

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The MWC is an exceptionally significant occasion, where smartphone makers, mobile network operators and tech giants show off their latest gadgets and innovations.

Telecom leaders spent a significant portion of their opening remarks urging for increased investment into developing economies and areas where people lack access to the internet and smartphones.

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