Russia Now Allows Foreign Citizens To Register Their Stay Online

A new electronic form allows foreign nationals entering Russia to register their arrival or the arrival of dependent children under the age of 18.

The law which allows foreigners to register their arrival online, has been announced, according to a press release issued by the Russian Presidential Office. VisaGuide reports.

“The Federal Law allows foreigners to notify the migration registration agency of their arrival and the arrival of their children under 18 to the place of their stay in Russia using an electronic form and sets out the procedure and terms of sending such a notification,” the press release reads.

The form will also notify foreign citizens regardless of whether they reserve the privilege to stay in Russia.

Prior to this announcement, the Russian government announced that Georgian citizens would no longer require a visa to enter the country, lifting the 2019 ban on direct flights between the two nations.

According to Reuters, the move aims to strengthen ties between the two nations, and deputy economy minister Miriam Kvrivishvili praised it. Georgians who live in Russia now have more freedom and mobility.

Notwithstanding, the Leader of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili, didn’t welcome the move and rather blamed the in-government Dream party for the nation of having connections to the Kremlin since being chosen in 2019.

“This is a completely unacceptable and inappropriate time. We do not need gifts from Russia masked as some kind of concession. In today’s situation, we are on the same side as all our European friends!” Zourabichvili wrote on her official Twitter account.

Moreover, the Georgian President noted that her country didn’t need any gifts from Russia and pointed out that the country would align with other European countries. In general, Georgian society is anti-Russian, and thousands of them are living as internal refugees after fleeing Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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The majority of former Soviet republics’ citizens are currently permitted to enter Russia without a visa. According to Georgians, Russia imposed a visa requirement on Georgians in 2000, citing the threat of terrorism as its primary motivation.

According to Visa Guide World Passport Index, Russia has a passport score of 47.15, placing the passport 94th at an international level, which allows Russian citizens to travel visa-free to 83 countries.

With an Electronic Travel Authorization, Russian citizens can travel to any of the three nations without a passport. While there is a visa-on-arrival agreement with 30 countries, Russian residents can travel to 11 country with an e-Visa.

In contrast, Russians are prohibited from entering six countries and are not permitted to travel to 92 countries due to the visa system.

credit: VisaGuide. World

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