S3fa’s ‘Vibration’ Is Now Out!

In the no so distant past, singer-songwriter S3fa announced her new song, which was forthcoming to be released. She gave a teaser about the song which features Freddie Meiway on social media with a lovely viral short video. ‘Vibration‘ has finally been released.

The song has Meiway, one of Africa’s amazing performers on it. ‘ Vibration’ is a solitary danceable song that has proactively gotten people dancing to it. It is a remix of Freddie Meiway’s ‘Zoblazo’ hit song released quite a long time back by the Ivorian.

‘Vibration’, according to S3fa is just a vibe that adds to her creativity. The song was released on Thursday September 21, and is her first single of the year after a brief break from music.

S3fa Features Freddy Meiway On Her New Forthcoming Song

The collaboration with Meiway gives her some kind of pleasure for one reason__the legendary singer is on it, and S3fa is expecting to get the video done with him as well, to seal everything for her.

S3fa is one of Ghana’s songstress who has won several awards, including the Afrobeat Song Of The Year at the 2022 Ghana Music Awards with her hit tune ‘Echoke‘.

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