Sadiq Abdulai Abu: The Big Brain Behind The Unique 3Music Awards

Sadiq Abdulai, CEO 3 Media Network

Since its first edition, the 3Music Awards has been exceptionally successful, with a dash of class and uniqueness in the awards ceremony. Coordinators of the event has cut a strong specialty for themselves, regarding its excellence and magnificent organisation. Furthermore, besides the technical area, 3Music Awards has had the option to leave a permanent blemish on their image, as far as artist performances are concerned.

Unique in their own way, 3Music Awards’ artists performances have always been super-phenomenal. The stage crafts, the extraordinary artist appearance, the garments, the selection of tunes and surprisingly, the time spent in front of an audience are generally on point and are not roughed up by any artist.

Many people have from the very first moment, complimented coordinators of 3Music Awards for such extraordinary awards. This year’s awards fell off with a bang, as selected artists who were charged to perform for the evening, delivered very well. Albeit a virtual awards, fans were profoundly satisfied with the overall show, particularly the performances from each of the entertainers.


The 2021 3Music Awards Was Indeed Here For The Music: KiDi Wins The Coveted Award

Before the main awards, which happened on Saturday 27th March, 2021, there was a women’s prelude release (3Music Women’s Brunch) that connects to the celebration of women in Ghana.

What’s more, one of Ghana’s best singers Yaa Yaa, was all over social media. Why? She pulled off a cunning and amazing performance combined with an excellent stage show that grabbed the attention of everybody.

Yes, that is the hallmark of 3Music Awards. They always concoct something new. But, have you for once thought about the man behind every one of these wonderful things we see in front of an audience during each edition of the honors?

Sadiq Abdulai Abu appears to have invested so much in the awards show to make it perhaps, the best awards show on the African continent, and even in the world.

As the Chief Executive Officer – 3 Media Networks (operators of music media brand 3Music), Sadiq has consistently wanted the best for himself and his organization. Indeed, he is an encapsulation of quality. He has been in media space for such countless years, managed enormous musicians, done radio and TV, an event manager and numerous other related entertainment events.

The Politician and Media and Entertainment business visionary has worked with many media outfits. Sadiq Abdulai was the Head of Own Productions and Executive Producer at Modern Times Group (MTG) owned TV slot, Viasat1.


Watch How Yaa Yaa Did An Extraordinary Performance At The Women’s Brunch – 3Music Awards 2021

Preceding this job, he was the Country Director of Transsion’s music streaming service Boomplay driving the setting up of the music web-based service’s office in Ghana, assembling a group and assisting it with securing 3.5 million clients in Ghana, as well as content from each significant Ghanaian content owner.

Sadiq has additionally worked for MTG AFRICA as Viasat1 Ghana’s head of programmes & own productions/executive producer, where he led the team to win 18 various awards within 18 months time span. At MTG AFRICA, he was also answerable for skillet African music direct Trace TV in Ghana and drove the launch of Airtel Trace Music Star unscripted TV drama in Ghana.

Sadiq is also the co-founder of Muse Africa, a millennial targeted music, lifestyle & entertainment brand, where he filled in as the establishing CEO of the brand till 2018. At Muse AFRICA, he led the dynamic citizenship crusade, #MuseParticipate in association with Oxfam In Ghana.

With a degree in marketing communications studies from the African University College of Communications (AUCC), Sadiq is currently pursuing a post-graduate LLB education in Ghana. He is also into start-ups.

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