Samsung’s New Research Facility Is A State-of-the-art Semiconductor Technology

Samsung Electronics has kicked things off for a new semiconductor research and development complex in Giheung, Korea, aiming to extend its leadership in state-of-the-art semiconductor technology.

Samsung Electronics intends to contribute about KRW 20 trillion by 2028 for the complex in a space covering around 109,000 square meters inside its Giheung grounds.

The new office will lead progressed research on cutting edge gadgets and cycles for memory and framework semiconductors, as well as improvement of imaginative new innovations in light of a long haul guide.

“Our new state-of-the-art R&D complex will become a hub for innovation where the best research talent from around the world can come and grow together,” said President Kye Hyun Kyung, who also heads the Device Solutions (DS) Division.

“We expect this new beginning will lay the foundation for sustainable growth of our semiconductor business.”

With the establishment of the new R&D facility, Samsung Electronics is seeking to overcome the limits of semiconductor scaling and solidify its competitive edge in semiconductor technology.

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Samsung Electronics’ Giheung grounds, found south of Seoul close to the DS Division’s Hwaseong grounds, is the origin of the world’s most memorable 64Mb DRAM in 1992, denoting the start of the organization’s semiconductor administration.

The new Giheung R&D office, along with the R&D line in Hwaseong and the world’s biggest semiconductor creation complex in Pyeongtaek, is also expected to raise the collaboration among Samsung’s three main semiconductor edifices in the metropolitan region.

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