See The Beautiful Photo Of Showbiz Icon Jon Germain’s Son

Jon Germain

Award winning broadcaster and media character Jon Germain has shared a photograph of his son on Instagram, who is looking so adorable.

The 46 year old, who also has his birthday around the corner–in July 2021, posted the photograph on Instagram to show how his son has cutely grown.

Clad in a blue and white outfit, which seems as though a school uniform, the adorable little boy is steadily looking like Jon Germain, despite the fact that, some induce he resembles his mother Nadia.

The fashionista and multi-talented radio and TV personality Jon Germain and his better half Nadia recently welcomed another baby.

Jon Germain–The Supremo, as he is lovingly called, isn’t only one of the best broadcasters and voice-over artist in Africa but a pop, rock and R&B singer, who has hit tunes like: In My Head, Threesome, Set The Night, Love Zone, Tell Me and a few others.

Jon Germain has been married to Nadia for several years now.

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