Serena Williams Makes Huge Returns From Her Investment In Poshmark

Serena Williams

Tennis genius Serena Williams has dominated in the tennis scene, yet has similarly done as such in the business world as well. When Williams was named among the board of Poshmark (a resale shopping App) in 2019, much was expected from her. Besides, she also invested into the business.

During this time of Covid, most Americans who are locked up in their homes have been using the Poshmark App to shop for everything including fragrances, garments, shoes, frill and so on.

Clearly, this has made the App extremely well known and any investor like Serena Williams won’t never rescind the decision to invest in this outfit.

The 39-year-old global sports icon purchased $8 million worth of shares in Poshmark, and has never regreted, since her inclusion hasn’t been wasted but has made an attractive returns.

Meanwhile, Serena Williams has additionally invested into various organizations that bring in more cash for her. Her capital venture-Serena Ventures, works basically to locate the correct investment possibilities. Until this point in time, she has 40+ organizations promoted under her firm.

Furthermore, the 23-time Grand Slam winner has her own jewelry and fashion line.

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