Shakira To Spend Close To $50 Million On A New Mega-Mansion

According to reports, Shakira has a significant budget for a new mega-mansion residence she is about to live in. The singer recently moved to Miami, in the U.S.A and is looking around for a property to live in with her two sons.

After moving to the United States with her two sons after a prolonged breakup with her ex-Gerard Pique, the singer of “Hips Don’t Lie” is looking for a new home.

A recent photos of the pop diva captured Shakira viewing in excess of six properties in Florida’s rich areas.

It has been reported that Shakira has looked at properties in Miami and is planning to spend a significant amount of money on a luxurious mega-mansion to feel at home again.

The singer, who is 46 years old, is said to be renting a $15 million waterfront mansion while looking for a bigger place to live with her kids, Milan, who is 10 years old, and Sasha, who is 8 years old.

After she was seen spending her final moments in Spain before departing for the United States in April to begin her new life, pictures of Shakira touring new homes emerged.

According to Spanish media, she was saying her “final goodbye” to her previous life.

She sent an emotional tweet in response to her departure, which read:

“I settled in Barcelona to offer my children stability, the same that we are now seeking for in another part of the world near family, friends, and the sea.”

The artist was set to relocate on January 3, 2023 with her young men, however her process was deferred because of her dad’s sickness, which deteriorated when she was almost ready to leave for the US.

According to reports, Gerard Pique was “very irritated” that he had only been told a few days before that his ex-partner was moving to Miami with their two children.

Pilar Mane, Shakira’s attorney, is said to have told Ramon Tamborero, Pique’s attorney, in writing that the singer was leaving Pique’s firm permanently.

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Gerard and Shakira were in a lovely marriage for 11 long years, which later turned sour since their public separation last summer.

The former defender for Barcelona made the admission that he was seeing Clara Chia Marti, a 24-year-old, shortly after they made their shocking breakup public.

After a delayed negotiations in a 12-hour conference with their lawyers, the former couple declared in November that they had finally achieved a child custody arrangement. As the two parted ways legally.

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